Fr. John Burns


Archdiocese of Milwaukee

Position/Role, Current Assignment

Vocation Promoter and Promoter of Women's Religious and Consecrated Life

Ordination Year



Pontifical North American College

College / Graduate School(S), Degrees

Bachelors in Business from University of Notre Dame, S.T.B. and S.T.L. from Pontifical Gregorian University, S.T.D. from Pontifical University of the Holy Cross

Significant Previous Assignments

Associate Pastor, Pastor, Adjunct Professor of Moral Theology


Milwaukee, WI

Previous Career (If Applicable)




Favorite Bible Verse

Luke 5

Favorite Saint

St. John the Baptist

Fun Fact

I am the oldest of four and my siblings are all my dearest friends. Our family's faith and closeness is all the fruit of tremendous suffering and what seemed, when it first occurred, to be the end of all good things. With time, and God's grace, a great family trial has been the gift by which the Lord has drawn us all closer together and closer to Himself.