Fourth Sunday of Easter: Called to Holiness

This Eucharistic Prayer Companion is designed to help you spend thirty minutes to an hour in meditation and silent prayer with Jesus during Eucharistic adoration. Even if you cannot be physically present in a church or adoration chapel with the Blessed Sacrament, you can unite yourself spiritually to Jesus in the Eucharist as you spend this time in prayer. During the Easter Season, we are offering reflections rooted in the tradition of mystagogy. This is an ancient form of liturgical catechesis that invites us to go deeper into the sacred mysteries we experience at Mass and in the sacraments. Each week you’ll be invited to reflect on a rite or part of the Mass and an excerpt from the Sunday Gospel.

THE GRACE I SEEK: to believe that Jesus is calling me to be a living saint. 


Jesus, the Lord of Life, has given himself to you in the Eucharist. He is gazing upon you, his beloved child, with great love at this very moment. Pause for a few moments and allow yourself to rest in his loving gaze. Thank Jesus for the gift of himself in the Eucharist.

ASK FOR THE GRACE: Jesus, help me to believe that you are calling me to holiness—to be a living saint.

A priest stands at the altar with hands outstretched as he calls upon the Holy Spirit


Read slowly, allowing your senses to help you enter into this moment of the Mass. Let the Holy Spirit fill your heart with his divine grace, that the hidden mystery from this moment in our memorial of Christ’s sacrifice may be revealed more abundantly to you.

“Therefore, O Lord, we humbly implore you: by the same Spirit, graciously make holy these gifts we have brought to you for consecration, that they may become the Body and Blood of your Son our Lord Jesus Christ, at whose command we celebrate these mysteries.” Jesus is coming—and the Spirit is at work. The simple elements that lay visible upon the altar—tiny wafers of bread and a few drops of wine—will soon be substantially changed. Your heart is drawn up into this mysterious petitionary prayer as the priest lovingly suspends his open hands, palms down over the simple elements. In the inner stillness of your spirit, you sense the hidden presence of God, soon to be made manifest truly, sacramentally, in the Holy Eucharist. You recall that Christ promised to remain with us forever and offers to make us part of his Mystical Body, the Church, drawing us to heights of supreme holiness. Indeed, the Spirit of the Lord, dwelling in you, makes you holy…


Allow yourself to reflect for a while, being attentive to how the Lord is speaking in your heart.

How can your interior, active participation at Mass deepen your own communion with the Holy Trinity? How does the Spirit of the Lord seek to help you take the next step in holiness today? How does your participation at Mass help you grow in holiness?


Read slowly, 3–4 times. Allow the words of Scripture to wash over your mind and heart. Let the Holy Spirit speak to you through this passage.

“Amen, amen, I say to you, I am the gate for the sheep… Whoever enters through me will be saved, and will come in and go out and find pasture… I came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly.” (John 10:7, 9–10)


Allow yourself to reflect for a while, being attentive to how the Lord is speaking in your heart.

Jesus desires abundant life for us. We look forward to this fullness of life in heaven, but it starts right here, right now. At Baptism, we become temples of the Holy Spirit. Holiness is not only possible, but it is also the deep desire of Jesus for every single one of us. Ask Jesus to stoke the fire of your own desire to be a living saint, thriving in the abundant life he offers.

Remain in silence with the Lord. Allow him to speak in the silence, in your heart. Receive his presence. If it helps, write down what you sense the Lord communicating to you during this time of prayer.


Almighty, ever-living God, lead us to share in the joys of heaven, so that the humble flock may reach where the brave Shepherd has gone before. Who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God, for ever and ever. Amen. (Collect, Fourth Sunday of Easter)


At every Mass, Jesus offers himself to the Father for us. We can always join our own offerings with Jesus at Mass. This Sunday, offer your desire to be a living saint.

Would you like to print a copy of this resource to bring with you to the chapel for prayer? Click here to download the Eucharistic Meditations for the Easter Season in English or Spanish.