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Jesus and the Eucharist Small Group Study

Small groups are a powerful way to see the fruit of the Revival at your parish! A study called Jesus and the Eucharist has been created specifically for the Year of Parish Revival and is provided to parishes free of charge, along with the training and support you need to be successful. A new video will be released weekly on this page throughout September and October so you can lead this study at your parish during the fall or beginning in January. Scroll down to access the videos, recorded trainings, and helpful templates.

As a Parish Point Person, your role in this small group initiative is first to discuss with your pastor whether to implement Eucharistic Revival small groups at your parish this fall or, alternatively, in the new year. Then, together with your Table Facilitators and, if applicable, your Jesus and the Eucharist Core Team, you can go through the trainings and planning documents below to be prepared for your study.


As you get started leading the Jesus and the Eucharist small group study, take some time to prepare with these resources:

3-Year Timeline

Find out what to expect from this entire Year of Parish Revival and how the small group study fits into the overall initiatives of this year.

Jesus and the Eucharist Overview

Click below for an overview of the entire Jesus and the Eucharist study.

Parish Bulletin

Promote the small group series at your parish with these pre-made bulletin inserts.
Sample Copy for Bulletins
English Bulletin Inserts
Spanish Bulletin Inserts

Promotional Poster – 18x24

Promote the small group series at your parish with these free posters you can print and hang around your parish.
General Poster
General Poster (with Space for Parish Info)

Upcoming Webinars


This webinar will prepare Parish Point Persons and their Core Team to lead the Jesus and the Eucharist small group initiative at their parish. If you have not attended this training yet, sign up today! Recordings of a previously hosted webinar can be found below.


Gather with other Parish Point Persons who are hosting the Jesus and the Eucharist small group study at their parish this fall! We will discuss best practices, what has worked well, the fruits you have witnessed in your parish already, and more.

Jesus and the Eucharist

Series Materials

Jesus and the Eucharist Thumbnail

Click the links below to watch the Jesus and the Eucharist series! Each episode is linked individually below the study guide for the full series. All resources are available in both English and Spanish. To download the videos, see the download video instructions below.

English Resources

Spanish Resources

Sesión 1
¿Cuál es nuestra historia?
    Sesión 2
    ¿Quién es Jesús?
    Sesión 4
    ¿Por qué una Iglesia?
    Sesión 5
    Dios está con nosotros
    Sesión 6
    La historia de la Eucaristía
    Sesión 7
    Pan para el Camino
    Video Download Instructions

    All Jesus and the Eucharist sessions are available for download to be used in your parish small group study. In order to download, you will fill out a simple form and receive the link to all available sessions. As new sessions are released, you will automatically be emailed the new sessions. You will be able to choose to download the videos in English or Spanish. Click here to download a PDF with detailed instructions for downloading.

    Download Now

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    Small Group Training Resources

    Below you’ll find training webinars and documents to help you lead the Jesus and the Eucharist small group initiative at your parish. There are three types of trainings available, and we ask that Parish Point Persons and their Core Teams attend all three. Along with trainings, simple resources are available to help you invite your parishioners to this study and prepare for each session. Table Facilitators, who will be vital to the success of this initiative in your parish, will have one specific training they need to attend.

    It is recommended that the planning training be completed a few months before you start this study, followed by the Table Facilitator and Implementation Training closer to when you will begin, in order to ensure that you are prepared for a successful study. For example, if you are planning to launch this study in the new year, you can view the planning training now and begin your preparations for a successful small-group study.


    While this training is primarily for Parish Point Persons, if you have a Core Team, the members of that team should also view this training at their convenience so they are fully informed and able to assist you in planning the study at your parish.

    Training video (english)

    Training video (Spanish)

    The video presents a step-by-step planning process, and some of these steps reference downloadable resources. Each resource below is named for which step it corresponds to in the process:

    Presentation Outline:

    Presentation Slides:

    Step 1.1

    Worksheet to assist Parish Point Person in inviting Core Team Members

    Step 1.2

    Template Core Team Member invitation

    Step 2.1

    Template for existing Small Group invitation

    Step 5.1

    Worksheet to assist Core Teams with recruiting Table Facilitators

    Step 5.2

    Template Table Facilitator invitation

    #2: Table Facilitator Training

    This 45-minute training prepares Table Facilitators for their role as a part of the Jesus and the Eucharist study. We ask that Parish Point Persons/Core Team members also view this webinar in order to better support their Table Facilitators throughout the study series. Click below to watch the recordings from our live training webinars.

    #3: Parish Implementation Training

    This 45-minute webinar prepares Parish Point Persons and their Core Team to lead the Jesus and the Eucharist small group initiative at their parish.

    This training focuses on what it looks like to run the small group study. During this webinar, you’ll be prepared with everything you need to implement this series.

    #2 and #3: Table Facilitator and Parish Implementation Training (Spanish)

    Both the Table Facilitator Training and the Parish Implementation Training will be held in Spanish on August 26th and 29th. Each of these dates will have only one signup link, since both trainings will be held in the same virtual meeting room. After the first 45 minutes, Table Facilitators can drop off, leaving the Parish Point Persons and Core Team members to finish the second half of the meeting.

    Register for the date that best fits your schedule! While we recommend attending live, one of these meetings will be recorded so you can replay at your convenience.

    As you attend these trainings, here are some helpful documents as a reference:

    Tuesday, August 29
    8:00pm-8:45pm (ET) - Table Facilitators
    8:45pm-9:30pm (ET) - Parish Implementation Training
    Sign Up