Resources for Ministry Leaders

Where to Start?

Building Your Unique Revival Blueprint

The Eucharistic Revival is not a program to download or formula to follow. Instead, Our Lord is inviting you to follow his lead, meeting the unique needs of your community in the way that best fits the culture and character of your people. That’s what makes this movement grassroots

The ideas and materials to follow are meant to spark your imagination and creativity, not restrain them! Jesus wants you to bring your God-given gifts and talents and perspectives to this mission—your whole self. 

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The front cover of the Leader's Playbook on display

Leader’s Playbook: Year 1

The Leader’s Playbook is your springboard to brainstorm creative, effective, and practical initiatives tailored to the needs of your ministry. Supercharge your contribution to the Diocesan Year of the Revival and lay the foundation for a fruitful Year of Parish Revival with this resource.


Plan Your Response with the Four Pillars

Use the four pillars of the Revival as a prism for your discernment and local events in other cities for inspiration. We can’t wait to see how God works through you for the sanctification of your community!

Personal Encounters


No one who approaches their creator leaves unchanged. Create space for the faithful to gather in a moment of encounter with Our Lord. The Holy Spirit uses the energy created through gathering in a group as a way to usher new movements and transformations in our Church.

Reinvigorating Devotion

Love Him

How we worship matters. Emphasize reverence in the liturgy and elevate the practice of Eucharistic devotions, prioritizing an increase in opportunities for adoration and both parish and diocesan Eucharistic processions. This provides a public witness while strengthening the faith and unity of Catholics in your community.

Deepening Formation

Seek Him

July 17-21, 2024

With more than 50% of Catholics not knowing the Church’s doctrine on the Real Presence, a bold clarity in the true teaching of the Church is necessary to bring understanding. Pursue robust formation through spiritual reading, educational events, and study groups. The more intimately we know Our Lord, the better we can love him, serve him, and bring other people to know him!

Missionary Sending

Serve Him

True love overflows into action! Mobilize those who already know and believe the Church’s teaching on the Real Presence to reach out to those in need and accompany those who are searching for more. Remember that this is Our Lord’s work. We are simply his instruments.


Ministry Support

Program in Priestly Renewal: Eucharistic Revival

The McGrath Institute for Church Life invites you to explore this resource, developed to support clergy and encourage participation in the National Eucharistic Revival. Available in both English and Spanish, this resource features a series of videos on the Eucharistic spirituality of priests and reviving a Eucharistic culture.

Ministry Support

National Eucharistic Revival Bulletin Features

Invite your parishioners to get involved with the Revival with an eye-catching bulletin feature! Click below to download files in a variety of sizes, available in both English and Spanish.

Prayer Resources

Source and Summit Booklet Template & Music for Eucharistic Processions

Fill out a quick form to receive a collection of hymns and antiphons specially curated for use in eucharistic processions along with customizable booklet templates.

Event Materials

Knights of Columbus Eucharistic Revival Materials

Planning a eucharistic procession? The Knights of Columbus has put together resources just for you! Click here for guidebooks, brochures, video resources, and more.

Prayer Resources

Holy Hour Against Racism

Jesus offers himself on the Cross and in the Eucharist to fulfill his Father’s will that we become one human family, free of all division and strife. Gather your parish community for a Holy Hour Against Racism with this downloadable resource that includes prayers, readings, a litany, and the service of Benediction.


Revival Starts at Home

We encourage parish leaders, volunteers, and small groups to journey through our free content with the goal of deepening your faith and preparing your hearts to be instruments of his grace throughout the Revival.

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