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This page provides registered Parish Point Persons with the resources and support they need to spark local revival. If you are interested in serving your parish in this way, click here.

This page provides registered Parish Point Persons with the resources and training they need to spark local revival. In order to be effective in this role, you will also need support and connection with the national movement. If you are interested in serving your parish in this way, click here.


Thank you for answering the call to be a Parish Point Person.

Your enthusiasm and effort are bearing great fruit as the Holy Spirit revives his people—from your local pews, outward!

The Year of Parish Revival was a great success, but your mission as a leader is not done! Now it’s time to continue the momentum you’ve built and rally your community to missionary action as we enter a new phase of the National Eucharistic Revival: the Year of Mission.

This page contains resources to help you enter into the mission of the Church both as an individual and as a leader. You will also find insight into how you can keep the momentum going into 2025 and beyond. Come, Holy Spirit!

Your Mission as an Individual

These invitations are for everyone. We ask that you prayerfully discern how you will respond to the call to mission in your own life and lead by example when you hear the voice of the Lord! Help spread the word about the Year of Mission in your community and invite your parishioners to respond alongside you using the resources below.

Walk with One

There is someone in your life right now whom Jesus longs to call to himself. In this Year of Mission, Catholics across the U.S. are saying “yes” to a special form of heart-to-heart accompaniment called the Walk With One initiative. This is an opportunity to be God’s instrument in the life of another person. Share this with your parishioners and watch as your community experiences renewal!

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Become a Eucharistic Missionary

Eucharistic Missionaries will be a big part of the Year of Mission! Inspired by encounters with Christ in the Eucharist and fueled by the Bread of Life, we will become powerful instruments of God’s grace “for the life of the world.” Click below to find out how you can live as a Eucharistic Missionary, and share this invitation with your parishioners!

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Year of Mission Playbook

The Year of Mission Playbook is your comprehensive guide for embarking on your Eucharistic mission. In addition to Eucharistic prayers and reflections, the playbook contains practical strategies, inspiring examples, and concrete steps for discerning and living out your Eucharistic mission in your community. Please download this essential resource and share it with your parish family.

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Your Mission as a Leader

John 6 Preaching series guide

From July 28 to August 25, the Sunday Gospel will turn to the Bread of Life discourse in John 6. As we enter the third year of the National Eucharistic Revival, our bishops are asking every parish in the United States to participate in a kerygmatic preaching series for those five weeks, proclaiming Eucharistic theology from the pulpit in a special unified way.

This is not a scripted homily series, but it will be unified by the same themes across America. Every homilist is invited to write his own individual homilies using the resource provided below as a helpful guide.

Please download this resource and share it with your parish priests so they can begin their preparations. This is an important initiative that will have a powerful impact on our nation as we enter the Year of Mission this month.

Jesus and the Eucharist Small Group Study

Jesus and the Eucharist is a 7-session study created specifically for the National Eucharistic Revival and provided to parishes free of charge, along with the training and support you need to be successful in implementing this important initiative.

This powerful series bore great fruit last year in parishes across the country, so if you have not yet hosted this study, we encourage you to bring it to your parish this year! If you hosted the series in the Year of Parish Revival, consider offering it again for the benefit of those who missed it as well as the new and reverted Catholics who will be attracted to your parish throughout the Year of Mission. Click below to access the videos, pre-recorded trainings, handouts, and helpful templates.

Invite ONe Back

This is an invitation for clergy and parish leaders to pursue individual lapsed members of their flock. Just like the Good Shepherd, we will call each of the lost sheep home. If you began this initiative during the Year of Parish Revival, please continue it throughout the Year of Mission! This is a powerful way to ensure every member of your flock feels seen and desired as an individual member of your parish family.

Click below to access the videos, pre-recorded trainings, handouts, and helpful templates.

Exclusive Webinars

Throughout the Year of Parish Revival, we held monthly webinars for Parish Point Persons. These meetings were a consistent place for you to connect with other parish leaders passionate about the Revival and hear from our special guest speakers. We’ve compiled the recordings of all past webinars into a convenient playlist for you to watch—or rewatch—at your leisure. Keep an eye on your email for future webinar announcements!

What’s Next?

While the Year of Mission is the final year of the National Eucharistic Revival on paper, that doesn’t mean this movement will end in 2025! Revival is not something we can achieve or a box to check. It is a gift from God. And he desires to shower more grace upon his people than we could possibly receive in only three years.

Gather a parish team to discern a future pastoral plan for promoting the four pillars of the Year of Mission: Eucharistic Encounter, Eucharistic Identity, Eucharistic Life, and Eucharistic Mission. This year’s playbook is a great place to begin this discernment.

Remember that our team is here to support you in prayer and answer your questions on Catholic.Church! This exclusive group is a great place to swap ideas and resources, share glory stories, and hear how other parishes plan to keep the flames of revival alive in an ongoing way.

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