Revival Announcements

EWTN News In-Depth Special Episode on the Revival

In January of this year, EWTN News In Depth produced a special episode featuring the National Eucharistic Revival as well as the Congress and Pilgrimage. The episode highlighted the purpose behind each of these movements, beautifully illustrating how they all fit together to help Catholics across the U.S. encounter Jesus in the Eucharist.

Watch the full episode to get a glimpse of the many exciting Revival initiatives springing up across the country—as well as a preview of what’s still to come.

  • Explore the four Pilgrimage routes
  • Watch exclusive interviews with clergy and lay Catholics, including the mother of Blessed Carlo Acutis
  • Meet the composer of the official Revival theme song
  • And so much more!

Large group of people walking together on a pilgrimage

The National Eucharistic Pilgrimage

The Pilgrimage is a cross-country undertaking—literally! The four branches of this massive national journey will form the shape of the Cross of Christ, marking our nation with this glorious symbol of our redemption. Starting at each edge of the U.S. and meeting in Indianapolis at the Congress, pilgrims will carry Jesus on foot across thousands of miles. Learn more about the four routes as well as the patron saints that inspired their names.

Sr. Josephine Garrett in an exclusive interview with EWTN

Exclusive Interviews

The interviews included in this episode cover various aspects of the Revival, including the vision behind it, the local and national initiatives supporting it, and the encouraging response from parishes and Catholics across the country. You’ll hear from Bishop Andrew Cozzens, Antonia Salzano Acutis (Blessed Carlo Acutis’s mother), Sr. Josephine Garrett, Fr. Leo Patalinghug, and many other clergy and laypeople who are responding to the Holy Spirit’s invitation to ignite revival.

A choir of young adults wearing black performing a vocal piece

Official Revival Theme Song

The National Eucharistic Revival sponsored a musical competition, inviting composers from across the country to submit pieces to be considered for the official theme song. Diane Mahoney’s piece, “We Do Believe, O Lord,” was chosen, and she shares the story and inspiration behind it in an interview with EWTN. Stay tuned near the end of the episode to hear a preview of this beautiful song!

Watch the full In Depth special episode to see all this, plus the custom monstrance blessed by the pope for the Congress, a brief history of Eucharistic Congresses, interviews with Congress speakers, and more. You’ll be inspired by all that the Holy Spirit is doing in the Church in the U.S. in this season of Eucharistic Revival!

Then, please share the video with others and prayerfully consider how Our Lord is calling you to respond. Whether you feel led to pray for the Revival, participate in the Pilgrimage, or attend the Congress, know that God will bless your efforts as you seek to partner with him in renewing Eucharistic faith in the United States.