Reinvigorating Devotion

Healing Only Jesus Can Provide

You only need to look at the headlines to see that our nation is hurting. Plagued by corruption, violence, and division, America is in desperate need of hope and healing.

In our own lives as Catholics, we have the hope of Jesus—the graces he gives us in the sacraments and through the Church. But sharing this hope with others can be challenging, especially when healing seems impossible.

How are we called to respond as American Catholics?

An outdoor Eucharistic procession with an altar server carrying a crucifix in front

A Nationwide Outpouring of Grace

This summer, the National Eucharistic Pilgrimage will bring Jesus to the four corners of our country. After processing across the land, the pilgrimage routes will convene at the 10th National Eucharistic Congress in Indianapolis, which will take place July 17–21, 2024.

Can you imagine the healing graces that will spread from Jesus’ Eucharistic Presence?

In a powerful new video, Sr. Josephine Garrett shares Christ’s deep desire to restore and transform our nation with his Presence. Watch below to find out how the three-year National Eucharistic Revival, the first-ever National Eucharistic Pilgrimage, and the historic rebirth of the National Eucharistic Congress tradition fit into God’s plan for America—and discover what it all means for you!

How are you called to participate?

Sr. Josephine poses the questions, “What healing do I need, and what healing does this land need, and how am I called to participate in it?”

We invite you to pray with this questions, asking God how he is calling you to participate in this historic moment for the Church in the United States. Are you called to pray for the Revival? To join the Pilgrimage as it passes through your city? To grow in your knowledge of the Eucharist? To attend the Congress?

However you feel called to specifically participate in the work of revival that God is doing in our nation, know that you are fulfilling this call as you grow in love for our Eucharistic Lord and share his love with others.

Together, let’s partner with the work God is doing to help heal our land. Let’s resolve, with Sr. Josephine, “that we will not leave any grace on the table that the Lord has for us.”