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Morning Impact Sessions: Customize Your Congress Experience

This summer, Catholics of many different backgrounds, vocations, rites, and regions of the country will gather in Indianapolis for the first National Eucharistic Congress in 83 years. To enrich this event for attendees at different life stages and vocational paths, the Congress team has organized morning experiences into impact sessions tailored to different audiences. Read on to learn more about each of the sessions and find the one that will help you take the next step in your faith journey.

Speakers and Topics That Resonate with YOU

Each impact session will feature engaging speakers on topics that resonate with different groups, facilitating encounters with the Lord and forming hearts and minds for the year of mission ahead. This way, you can choose the experience that will have the greatest impact on you in your current state in life and be most relevant to your unique mission. While the content of each series will build throughout the week, each session is designed to be a fruitful experience—whether you are able to attend for one day or all five.

Evening revival sessions will be a gathering of the entire Congress in Lucas Oil Stadium, but morning impact sessions will allow attendees to spread out and enjoy the session of their choice as a part of one of six experience options:

Woman kneeling in prayer in a crowd

Encounter – Jesus Is Calling You Deeper

You’ve had encounters with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament before, and now you’re asking, “What’s next?” Whether you just entered the Church last Easter or are a cradle Catholic, these inspiring morning impact sessions have something for everyone who desires a deeper encounter with Jesus at the National Eucharistic Congress.

The ENCOUNTER IMPACT SESSIONS are for everyone who desires a deeper renewal of their faith, a richer understanding of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament, and clarity on what the next step in their faith journey will be after the National Eucharistic Congress.

Hispanic people raising hands in worship and prayer

Encuentro – Jesús te llama más adentro

Ya has tenido encuentros con El Santísimo, y ahora te preguntas: “¿Y ahora qué?”. Tanto si acabas de entrar en la Iglesia la pasada Pascua como si eres un católico de cuna, estas inspiradoras sesiones matinales de impacto tienen algo para todos los que desean un encuentro más profundo con Jesús en el Congreso Eucarístico Nacional.

¿Para quién es esto? Todos los que desean una renovación más profunda de su fe y una comprensión más rica de Jesucristo en el Santísimo Sacramento, y que se preguntan cuál será el siguiente paso en su camino de fe después del Congreso Eucarístico Nacional.

Obtenga más información aquí.

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Empower – Practical Tools for Evangelization

This intimate, community-focused morning series will empower you to receive a deepened interior life, be formed in your faith, pray and share with your peers, and be sent out on the mission of evangelization. Empower sessions will invite a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit by means of gifts and graces that will launch you into something totally new in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

The EMPOWER IMPACT SESSIONS are for anyone who wants practical tools to become a “Eucharistic Missionary,” evangelizing their community and taking on a deeper role in spreading the Gospel to those around them.

Young African-American woman praying in a Catholic Church

Renewal: Ministry Leader Experience – Revive Your Spiritual Life and Apostolates

Fulfilling the call to be a disciple demands constant conversion, renewal, and docility to the Holy Spirit. These sessions will invite you to explore new and creative possibilities of accompaniment, evangelization, and catechesis. This experience will equip you in your ministry as a parish, diocesan, or apostolate leader to invite and cultivate revival in your vineyards.

The RENEWAL IMPACT SESSIONS are for anyone who serves in a parish, diocesan, or other ministry role, whether you are paid, volunteer, part-time, or full-time. We hope you will join us! Come, and be renewed.

A Catholic family holding hands in prayer around a table with open Bibles

Cultivate: The Family Experience – Become a Family on Mission

Fostering a love of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist within our homes will have a profound impact on how we love others outside of our homes. Enjoy vibrant keynotes that will speak to both parents and children of all ages, engaging worship music, and opportunities for family discussion. You will learn together, share together, and spend time with each other in dedicated spaces and family-oriented experiences that feature amenities specifically tailored to families with children.

The CULTIVATE IMPACT SESSIONS are for parents or caregivers to attend together with children. You and your family are welcome!

Catholic teens singing and raising hands in prayer

Awaken: The Youth Experience – Empower Young Catholic Disciples

Teenagers are invited to a unique youth conference experience at the National Eucharistic Congress in Indianapolis. During the day, they will attend large morning sessions and afternoon breakouts designed specifically for teenagers—joining thousands of young people from across the United States in worshiping Jesus Christ and being empowered as Catholic disciples to become evangelists in their parish, community, and culture.

The AWAKEN IMPACT SESSIONS are for high school youth—incoming freshmen through just-graduated seniors. Please note that teens cannot attend alone and must participate with a youth group or be accompanied by a parent.

Our Lord's Invitation to YOU

As you consider the options available for morning impact sessions at the Congress, we encourage you to pray about how Our Lord is calling you to participate. When you’re ready, you can choose your sessions and register here.

We look forward to worshiping our Eucharistic Lord with you July 17–21, 2024, in Indianapolis!