Congress Announcements

The Congress Family Experience: Represent the Domestic Church!

We are officially counting down the days until the 10th National Eucharistic Congress—the first of its kind in 83 years. One of the most unique aspects of this generational moment is the special way that families will participate in this historic event. Read on to learn about this once-in-a-lifetime experience for families.

Why the Congress Family Experience Is Unique

The Congress Family Experience will be a memorable blend of fun, faith, and family bonding time. Designed to strengthen and unify the domestic church, this hands-on approach to catechesis will bear lasting fruit both in the Church today and in the generations to come.

Families won’t just experience the Congress together; they’ll be formed at the Congress together.

What exactly is whole-family faith formation? We’re glad you asked!

Many conferences cater to the adult members of the family, forming them in their faith as individuals, married couples, or parents. Events geared towards children focus on catechizing young souls but aren’t as applicable to adults.

The family experience at the Congress has a different aim: to form parents and children in the faith together, not as individual family members but as whole-family units. Families are vital evangelistic forces within the Church, and every session and activity is aimed at equipping them to be missionaries within their communities.

Worshiping alongside Catholics of all ages, vocations, and backgrounds, every member of the family will have a powerful experience of community, opening their eyes to the breadth and dynamism of the Church at large.

Family with children and a priest at a Catholic church with crowds in the background

What Does a Day at the Congress Look Like for Families?

Each morning, families will attend an impact session together called Cultivate. Prominent Catholic speakers and presenters like Fr. Leo Patalinghug, Ennie and Cana Hickman, and Steve Angrisano will draw on their experience in family ministry to make each session engaging for parents and children alike. High school-age children attending with their families also have the option to go to any of the Congress youth sessions with a parent chaperone.

Family impact sessions will take place in a dedicated space in the Indiana Conference Center, equipped with extra amenities for comfort and safety:

  • Morning sessions led by Catholic speakers experienced in family ministry
  • Live music to lead the whole family in worship
  • Venue with amenities such as spaces for nursing mothers 

Afternoons will be filled with opportunities for families to pray, talk, and play together, including:

  • Kid-friendly area in the exhibit hall
  • Catechesis of the Good Shepherd atriums for kids of all ages
  • The CatholicHÔM experience (rich catechesis + adorable puppets!)

In the evening, families will join all other Congress attendees for Revival sessions in Lucas Oil Stadium. These general sessions will be welcoming to children and will provide a powerful witness to the role of families as missional members within the larger Body of Christ!

Family with young children worshiping at a Catholic conference

More Ways for Families to Experience the Congress

The Congress is designed for all attendees to curate their ideal experience from a wide variety of opportunities each day. Beyond the Family Experience itself, there are even more ways for families to draw closer to Christ at the Congress. Other opportunities include:

  • Masses and liturgies each day of the Congress
  • Healing prayer and the Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Relevant Radio’s Family Rosary Across America live from Lucas Oil Stadium
  • The National Shroud of Turin Exhibit
  • Eucharist-themed musical theater performances
  • And more!

Plus, there are attractions and activities for families to see and do in downtown Indianapolis. However you plan your Congress experience, you’ll create special memories for your family that will last a lifetime—while reaping spiritual fruit that will impact generations to come.

Mother and father with young daughter at a conference

Why Should Families Attend the Congress?

Making memories, growing in faith, and connecting with other Catholic families are all good reasons to attend the Congress. But those aren’t the only reasons, nor are they even the most important ones.

Ultimately, the purpose of the Congress is to form families in the faith so that they can be sent out on mission “for the life of the world.” Families will return home ablaze with love for our Eucharistic Lord and ready to share that fire of faith with others.

At the Congress, your family will be equipped to evangelize, bearing witness to Christ’s Eucharistic love in your community and the culture at large. Your children will be encouraged to continue in the faith, growing strong roots that will shape their futures. And you will be amazed to witness God working in the Church in the U.S., igniting revival in hearts across the nation and at home in your own family.

If you haven’t yet made plans to bring your family to the 10th National Eucharistic Congress, don’t wait—register today while there are still seats available!